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The Independence Motor Speedway is the most frequented track in Eastern Iowa! With fans that travel from all over to attend a weekly race, market coverage ranges from Waterloo, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, West Union, and every market in between.  It is also the longest running IMCA sanctioned track in existence.


Photo by: Wilbur's Aerial Services

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The Pit Stall Map is up! Check out our website!
Watch gor a post with the link. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Now we need warm temps!
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Check out the website for updates!

Late Model drivers, we apologize thought we had the update up on the fire suppression, please go to website.

Unfortunately, due to Mother Nature's attitude, we are cancelling the races for this Saturday. We want you to have a good track and not freeze!
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We got our answer we found it on the American Disabilities Act information and at the same time my phone rang. And we want to say thank you for those that corrected us.

They say that one should learn something new everyday, and we did and again we apologize.

We want to say thank for those that helped us. Our staff will be fully trained on this, also.
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To all regarding service animals, we have a call into the correct people to get on the same page for the service animals. We were told that those who have a service animal just showed a card.

We understand that we can't ask what type of disability they have because it is no ones business.

We will have an answer in the morning, so we have a full understanding and that answer will be posted so everyone is educated on it.

And we DO NOT want to disrespect anyone that has a service animal by no means!
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Here are the following changes to the pit area.

1. There will be no ATV's in the pits, unless you are disabled, purchase a season pass for your ATV for $25.00. One will need to show handicap paperwork and proof of insurance on the ATV .

2. There will be no pets in the pit area, unless it is a Service Dog, need to show proof that it is a Service Animal.

3. Children in the pits, no child/children under the age of 14 will be allowed in the pit area. Minors that are 14 thru 17, will need to show an ID, ex. school id, drivers permit, drivers license, there will need to a signed waiver by the parents for those that are 14 thru 17 and they will be paying $25.00 for a pit pass.

4. Drivers under the age of 14 are only allowed in the pits due to race sanction and must have a signed waiver with both parents signatures.

This decision was made by our team, and also by checking with some other race tracks.

We know this may not make some happy or just down right mad, but it is a safety issue.

The website will be updated with new IMS General Rules Amendment and the Pit Stall map, this has not gone up due technical difficulties. Praying it will be up today.
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